About Us

Allegiant Wealth Management is an independent financial services provider that specialises in providing exceptional financial planning solutions to its clients.

Our Mission is to provide exceptional professional service tailored to individual client needs and our objective is to enable clients to achieve and manage their long term financial objectives and obligations in the most effective, simplistic and efficient way.

The company was established in 2011 by Marius Botha and Vivek Ganda with the initial focus on life insurance, investment, retirement and estate planning. The success of Allegiant Wealth Management is based upon a unique financial advice philosophy that evolved from teamwork, years of experience in the investment and insurance industry as well as client providing centric financial advice and solutions.

The short-term insurance portfolio was added in 2015 to fulfill the total insurance needs of clients. Both Personal and Commercial short term insurance solutions is provided.

Tax consulting services is also provided as a value added service.

Contracts have been established with various product providers ensuring optimal and cost effective solutions for clients.


Allegiant Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd authorized financial services provider (FSP:42926)

Need help to achieve your financial goals?

Allegiant Wealth Management financial advisers will assist you to compile and implement a financial plan enabling you to achieve your financial independence.

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